Selecting the Right Orthodontics System

Selecting the Right Orthodontics System

When it comes to dental braces; one size does not fit all.

Many of us might associate dental braces with the metallic ones that we are most familiar with from years past. Modern orthodontics though, now offer a wider choice of methods and styles that can be quite bewildering to anyone unfamiliar with their uses.

With a bit of internet research, it can be all too ‘easy’ to see a particular type of orthodontic that you feel will fit in well with your lifestyle, and decide that you would like to use that particular method to straighten your crooked or uneven teeth.

Professional advice

At the Confidental Clinic in Clapham Junction, Battersea, we offer a wide range of modern adult orthodontics and it is not unusual for a patient to request a certain type that they have, perhaps, done some research on.

Choosing the correct orthodontics, however, isn’t a matter of simple selection, based on their appearance, and different orthodontics can be used for different situations.

An example of this is the very popular Invisalign braces which are excellent for many situations, offer a very high level of discretion and comfort and are understandably many people’s first choice.

For someone who is simply looking to reposition a couple of visible front teeth however, their use might be overkill, and, in this situation, it is possible that a more suitable solution might be the use of faster acting Damon braces.

Because of this, the consultation stage for orthodontics is very important. Not only does it allow the dentist to examine your teeth to decide on the most appropriate action, but also allows the patient to ask any questions as well as receive advice on their aftercare.

By seeking professional advice from our dentists at Confidental Clinic, you can be assured of a treatment that will not only straighten your teeth successfully, but one that will do so effectively, and in a discreet a manner as possible.


Whichever type of orthodontic method is used to restore an even smile; our service does not simply end there and we will arrange to see you at regular intervals throughout the treatment period.

Not only do these interim appointments enable us to make any necessary adjustments, but also enable us to monitor your overall oral health for signs of gingivitis and other problems that may occur if you are having difficulty cleaning your teeth whilst wearing orthodontics.

If you have uneven teeth and would like to restore them to an even smile, please contact Confidental Clinic of Clapham Junction, Battersea on 020 7801 9060 to arrange an initial consultation.