Experience The Latest In Dental Technology….

With The iTero Element Scanner At Confidental Clinic In Clapham!

Patients who need to have teeth impressions taken with us will be very pleased to hear that we’ve gone putty free! That’s right, that gooey stuff we have to use to take accurate impressions of your teeth, that can make some people gag and feel generally uncomfortable, is gone! In its place is the revolutionary iTero Element Scanner.

What Is The iTero Element Scanner?

The iTero Element is an incredibly sophisticated piece of equipment that enables us to take 3D impressions of your teeth without the need for dental impression putty. It is convenient, comfortable and just as accurate as using dental putty, indeed more accurate in some cases. Major benefits of the iTero Element include:

●     No more gagging from placing the dental putty

●     No need for gooey dental putty

●     Just as accurate results from the iTero Element Scanner, if not more accurate

●     Impressions can be taken faster

●     Those needing impressions taken can enjoy a much smoother treatment process

●     Impressions do not need to be taken again

●     You can see an instant 3D image of your teeth on the screen

●     Dental devices needed for your treatment can be created more quickly

Which Treatments Benefit From The iTero Element Scanner?

Any treatment where you may need impressions taking such as:

●     Crowns

●     Bridges

●     Invisible Braces

●     Clear Aligners

●     Implants

The equipment allows us to take impressions of your teeth in preparation for your transformative dental treatment; all without the use of putty! This means that the entire process is much more comfortable and convenient for you. The results are just as accurate if not more so, and you can see 3D impressions of your teeth now, and how they will look following treatment (depending on your treatment choice).

You can usually get your retainers, braces or whichever device is needed for your treatment, much faster than the traditional method and there’s also no need to take impressions again, making it even more convenient. There just isn’t a downside, in fact we know the process of taking impressions is much more exciting and even enjoyable, because you can watch the images of your teeth and gums appear on screen as they are uploaded.

You as a patient, also have even more control over your treatment because you get to see the results ahead of a permanent change, and you and the dentist can work together to make treatment adjustments; ensuring you’ll be even more delighted with the end results!

Enquire About How The iTero Element Scanner At Confidental In Clapham Can Help You

If you’re interested in any of our transformational treatments at Confidental Clinic in Clapham and want to know how the highly advanced iTero Scanner can help you get your dream smile, please call us on 02078019060 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions, or book you in for a consultation. We’re excited to give you a fast pass to the latest in modern dentistry!