The Benefits of Whiter Teeth

How our ‘at home’ teeth whitening treatment delivers more than just a bright new smile!

Of all of the cosmetic dental procedures now available, perhaps the best known and most popular of these is the teeth whitening procedure.

There are probably many reasons for this. It is a fast and affordable treatment that shows instant results and is probably the most obvious thing to do if you want to improve your smile.

Having had many patients of the Confidental Clinic in Clapham undergo this simple and pain free procedure, it has been interesting to hear from them, over the years, as to how they felt they benefited from the procedure.

White Smile

The most obvious and visible benefit, of course, is in the whiteness of the teeth themselves.

Most of us have probably suffered some wear and tear to our teeth over the years which has resulted in staining and discolouration of our teeth. Smokers in particular are likely to have noticed some quite bad staining.

Our age too plays a role as, when we age, the internal parts of our teeth actually becomes darker quite naturally, and unfortunately, no amount of brushing will change this fact.

By using the home teeth whitening procedure, supervised by our experienced cosmetic dentists at Confidental Clinic, your badly stained teeth can be a thing of the past.


A less visible benefit, but one which often comes up is that of an increase in confidence. Many patients have said that, prior to the teeth whitening procedure, they were embarrassed to smile or laugh, and, in some cases even preferred to avoid social events and occasions as they were so embarrassed by their heavily stained teeth.

Following the teeth whitening procedure though, these same patients felt much better about attending social events and started to live a fuller life again.

A few patients also said that they felt that the increase in confidence may have also played a part in their obtaining new employment. Whilst skills relevant to the job are obviously the most important thing here, studies have shown that people tend to warm to those with a whiter and friendly smile, so this is not beyond the realms of possibility. The same may also be said, of course, for potential relationships.

Prior to a whitening procedure, we will discuss with our South West London patients, the likely outcome, and also, for those with very badly stained teeth, whether dental veneers may be a better solution for them.

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