Botox And Teeth Whitening Special Offer In Clapham

Look great for the Summer and save money too!

Whilst many patients visit our Clapham dental practice for restorative dental care, a growing number also visit us for the benefits of the aesthetic treatments which we offer. Two of the most popular of these are our teeth whitening procedure and wrinkle reduction.

The Confidental Clinic team have decided to offer both of these together at a reduced cost, saving you £100 (terms and conditions apply). Both of these procedures are fast acting and long lasting and will enable you to look your very best for the sunny Summer months ahead.

Wrinkle Reduction

Although we are well known for cosmetic dental treatments, we also offer facial aesthetics at your convenient Clapham dentists. The most popular of these is the well known Botox treatment which is a tried and tested method of reducing lines and wrinkles on the face and giving you a younger looking appearance. It is a perfectly safe procedure in the hands of trained professionals such as our facial aesthetics team.  It is a simple procedure that is usually done during a single visit to our practice.

The Botox serum is injected into the areas that need treating, via a very fine needle which does not enter deep into the flesh, but just under the surface of the skin. This is not a painful procedure though some minor discomfort may be felt. A little bruising may also be noticeable locally following the procedure but this should disappear within a few days. The results should be visible within a week or so, and smoother looking skin should last for several months afterwards.

Teeth Whitening

With your new smoother and younger looking facial features, why not take up the option of having younger looking teeth too as part of our special offer? One of the side effects of ageing is that the inner part of our teeth starts to darken and this can leave them looking yellow and discoloured. Although whitening toothpastes and similar products are now widely available, patients should not expect to see significant results from these due to the limited quantity of whitening ingredient allowed by law. Only a qualified dentist is allowed to use stronger bleaching agents which prove much more effective and are perfectly safe if performed by an experienced cosmetic dentist.

At the Confidental Clinic, we provide our patients with a personalised home teeth whitening kit which allows them to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home. The trays in which the whitening ingredient is placed, are made to fit the patient’s teeth comfortably and safely, significantly reducing the risk of burning that sometimes occurs in shop bought versions due to the lack of a bespoke fit.

The effects of a tooth whitening treatment should last for several months, and, along with our Botox treatment, this special offer gives you the opportunity to look fantastic throughout the Summer months!

Please call the Confidental Clinic in Clapham to take advantage of our special Summer offer now, on 020 7801 9060.