Snow White Teeth

Why not brighten up your teeth for the festive season?

Although the present weather indicates more rain than snow; Christmas has long been associated with landscapes covered with crisp white snow. This whiteness conjures up images of freshness and cleanliness. The same can be said about the colour of our teeth too; there is little doubt that white teeth are more attractive and healthy looking than stained or yellow teeth.

So, why not freshen up those tired looking teeth in time for the festive season ahead by taking advantage of our teeth whitening treatment, available at the Confidental Clinic in Clapham Junction, near Battersea.

Free consultation

If you are not sure whether a teeth whitening procedure is for you or not, why not take advantage of the free consultation that we offer. Here you will be able to see the difference that this treatment brings, and also be able to ask any questions or have any concerns that you have, addressed. The whitening procedure that we use at our Clapham Junction dental practice is a based on a customised home whitening kit. Trays are professionally made following impressions of the teeth and these allow for a comfortable, but secure, fit around the teeth; so helping to prevent leakage of the whitening gel which could, otherwise, burn the lips and gums.

Full instructions will be given about how to apply the gel and for how long, during your consultation.

Advantages of home whitening

We have opted to provide the customised home whitening kits rather that using an in-house treatment as it offers our patients a number of advantages. Not only does it mean that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, but you are also in control of the level of whiteness that you want. This is very important as some patients do not want the brilliant ‘snow white’ appearance that some aspire to, but, instead are looking simply to give their teeth a bit of a lift without them being too obvious.

Once you have achieved the level of whiteness desired, you simply stop using the trays. Your teeth will remain white for some time, but, as the inner part darkens again, you may wish to top up your whiteness.

The home whitening kit helps to make this more affordable as you already have the trays and all that you need to purchase is the gel. This makes topping up your whiteness more affordable than if you had to repeat an in-house dental treatment. Having beautiful white teeth has never been so easy or affordable. Why not arrange your free whitening consultation at the Confidental Clinic and see the difference that we can make to your smile.

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