Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures are the ultimate in Dentures. They are far more superior than normal Dentures. The appearance is so natural and real, whilst the fit is superb.

To allow us our Cosmetic Dentist here in Clapham Junction, Battersea to make your Cosmetic dentures look like real teeth we only use the best quality materials. 

Are there different types of Cosmetic Dentures?

There are 2 different types of Cosmetic Denture – Acrylic or Cobalt Chromium.  What you can have depends on whether you need full or partial dentures.  Full Dentures are needed when there are no teeth present in the mouth at all.  Partial Dentures are needed when some teeth are missing and you want to fill the gaps.  A full upper Denture relies on suction from the palate to keep it in place whereas the lower relies on how much of a ridge is present to keep the Denture in place.  Partial Dentures clip around the existing teeth securing it in place.

When you lose teeth over a period of time your bone resorbs.  This can result in a full Denture not fitting properly.  We can overcome this by doing Implant Retained Cosmetic Dentures.  4 Dental Implants are placed into the bone with little clips attached.  Further clips are placed into the Denture.  Your Cosmetic Denture then clips onto the Implants securing it in place.  This makes eating a lot easier, makes your Denture feel more comfortable and is a big boost to your confidence.

How long will my new Dentures take to make?

Cosmetic Dentures are made over a period of approximately 5 appointments-

  • On the first appointment we take primary impressions.  Using these the Denture Technician will make Special Trays. 
  • The second appointment we take further impressions with a different material using these special trays.  These custom made trays are a closer fit and shape to your mouth, which allows for a more accurate impression.  These impressions are what we use to make the fit of your Cosmetic Dentures exceptional.  We also record how your teeth meet.  Together we also select the shade of your new teeth. 
  • Your next appointment is when we try your new Dentures in.  The Technician makes your Dentures in a wax form so we can see the appearance and check the fit before he makes the final acrylic Denture.  It’s at this stage where we can make any necessary changes to the Denture.
  • Approximately 1-2 weeks later we fit your new Cosmetic Dentures.
  • The last appointment is your review appointment.  We check how you are getting on with your Dentures and make any adjustments to the fit.

How much are Cosmetic Dentures?

The fee for Cosmetic Dentures varies.  It depends on the type you choose and if you need Partial or Full Dentures.

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