Six Month Smiles - Fixed Orthodontics in Clapham Junction, Battersea

Our dentists at Confidental Clinic Clapham Junction, Battersea offer a wide range of cosmetic brace options from Six months Smiles, Fast braces, Quick Straight teeth.  Essentially, these are cosmetic braces that are designed for cosmetic improvement of the teeth in the “smile zone”

We have successfully treated hundreds of patients using these techniques, some in as little as 2-3 months.  Typically, our cosmetic brace dentist will see you in our dental practice for a free consultation and assess to see whether this shortened brace treatment will suit you and also which type of brace will suit you best.  If you are not suitable for these treatments, we have our own in house specialist who you can see to discuss further alternatives.

Typically, due to the shortened treatment times and laboratory costs of Six month smiles, Fast Braces and Quick Straight teeth, the treatment is more cost effective than conventional fixed braces.

Confidental Clapham also offer dental finance packages making cosmetic braces a great solution to give you the bright, confident smile that you have been waiting for in a fraction of the time of normal braces.

Why not contact our team at our dental clinic in Clapham Junction, Battersea for a free consultation to discuss your options with our highly skilled dentists today.

Six Month Smiles
Quick Staright Teeth

Before and After Fastbraces System - Treatment time 4 months

  • Case 8 - Before
  • Case 8 - After

Cosmetic Braces - Treatment Time 7 months

  • Before
  • After

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