Latest Technology - The iTero Element Scanner

Do impressions make you feel sick? You don’t need them with our digital scanner.

This advanced, highly accurate and convenient piece of equipment is set to transform your dental treatment experience!

Confidental Clinic in Clapham are pleased to offer patients one of the most advanced pieces of technology available in modern restorative and cosmetic dentistry:

The iTero Element Scanner.

For patients looking to take advantage of modern dentistry to enhance their smile, this piece of equipment will make a huge difference to their overall transformation process. Created to enable patients to have accurate impressions of their teeth taken in a way that is extremely comfortable compared to traditional methods, the iTero Element Scanner is set to revolutionise your treatment experience here at our Clapham clinic.

See your new smile in just 15 minutes with our latest digital scanner

What Is The iTero Element Scanner And How Does It Work?

The iTero Element Scanner is an advanced digital impression system designed to take impressions of the teeth, without the need for any gooey, unpleasant putty. The machine captures a highly detailed digital 3D impression of the teeth quickly and conveniently, so you enjoy a clean, easy experience of having impressions taken. Key benefits of the iTero Element Scanner are:

  • It is extremely fast
  • There is no need for impression 'putty'
  • Gagging, a common reaction to using 'putty', is highly unlikely with the iTero Element
  • Impressions that are taken are extremely accurate
  • Works extremely well for systems like invisible braces, clear aligners, crowns, bridges, implants and more
  • Enables patients to see a highly detailed idea of what their teeth will look like after treatment
  • Enables patients to have more control over the outcome of their treatments
  • No need for additional impressions to be taken
  • Allows you and your dentist to watch the images upload as they are taken


iTero Element Scanner Guarantees A Better Treatment Experience In Every Way

In our experience, despite the huge expertise of our team, patients can often feel uncomfortable when having an impression of the teeth taken as part of a treatment programme. A gag reflex is a common occurrence, and most people do not enjoy the gooey, messy process of having dental putty placed. With the iTero Element Scanner, there is no need for putty, or an uncomfortable impression taking process, so this part of the treatment process becomes extremely easy, convenient and comfortable. Patients are also much more in control of their treatment as they are able to discuss adjusting their treatment plan according to the results that they see on screen.

iTero Element Scanner Guarantees Highly Accurate 3D Digital Results

The results created by the iTero are impressive, and in some instances they are superior to the impressions taken with the more traditional putty-based impression process. This means that patients will have no worry about having to compromise treatment quality for the comfort of the iTero process. In all instances the results are just as precise and accurate, and in some instances they are superior, so there's no need for compromise!

Experience The Latest Dental Technology With The iTero Element Scanner At Confidental In Clapham

We're delighted to have this advanced piece of equipment with us at our Clapham clinic so that patients are able to take advantage of the latest in dental technology. Those having restorative or cosmetic dentistry who need impressions taking, will have a superior and much more comfortable experience compared to when putty would have been used.

The iTero Element Scanner is now in use and ready to help with the process of transforming your smile into the one you deserve!

Impression free dentistry with the latest digital scanner


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