Lingual Braces

At Confidental Clapham, our specialist orthodontist offers the full range of Orthodontic Treatments.  One of their main areas of expertise is Lingual Orthodontics delivered by Incognito braces.

The Incognito braces that are offered in our dental practices are an advanced generation of brace that is hidden discreetly on the back of the teeth.  Unlike conventional fixed braces that fit on the outside of the teeth, Incognito is virtually invisible from the outside.

Confidental Clinic Clapham offer both Incognito full and Incognito Lite treatments.  Incognito Lite is a version of the full treatment which is useful when only the front 6 to 8 teeth require straightening.
Incognito braces are suitable for all age groups - children, adolescents and adults who want to correct their tooth position.

Each Incognito brace is custom made for each patient to maximise comfort and ensure precise results, this is achieved by using the latest computer technology when creating the brace.

To see if lingual orthodontics and incognito braces can help you smile with confidence, please contact our team at Confidental Clinic Clapham.


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