NHS Dentistry

NHS dental treatment in Clapham Junction, Battersea

We are pleased to offer NHS dentistry at our Clapham Junction practice, providing a range of standard NHS treatments at reasonable cost. These treatments are designed to provide a good level of oral health and hygiene and basic dental care but, generally not cosmetic treatments. Our Clapham based NHS dentist will advise exactly what treatments a patient is entitled to under the NHS service but the following list will act as a useful guideline:

  • basic crown and bridge work
  • some types of simpler extractions
  • basic tooth fillings, typically amalgam type
  • simpler tooth restoration work
  • some types of root canal work
  • basic examinations and reports

NHS treatments charges

(From April 1st 2019)

NHS treatments charges are 'capped' and fall into 3 bands as follows:

Band 1 - x-ray, simple scaling and examination - £22.70

Band 2 - fillings, extractions and band 1 treatments - £62.10

Band 3 - dentures, crowns and band 1 and 2 treatments - £269.30

Band 4 - emergency dental treatment - £22.70

For full details, please see the detailed information provided by the NHS at the link below:

How much will I be charged for NHS dentistry?

Unfortunately NHS dentistry does not usually cater for treatments such as implants, veneers and teeth whitening but we do provide a full range of these services under our private patient schedules as required - please ask your dentist for more details and we'll be pleased to assist.

If you are seeking and NHS dentist in Clapham, please contact ConfiDental Clinic on 020 7801 9060 and our friendly team will be pleased to assist. Alternatively, please use the website contact form to get in touch.


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