Same Day Dental Implants

The Teeth in a Day Concept now available at Confidental Clinic Clapham Junction, Battersea is suitable for patients who have extensively failing teeth or those who have lost their teeth and wear complete dentures.  The procedure involves placing implants and then connecting temporary teeth that are fixed thus eliminating the need for dentures on the same day as implant placement.  Once the implants have healed fully with the bone, a high quality titanium bridge will be made by our master technician and fitted by our dentists in Clapham.

The treatment known as All on four (or All on 4) or Same Day Teeth is suitable for upper and lower jaws.  Four or five implants will be placed accurately in specific positions and angles to provide the foundation to support at least a ten tooth bridge.

The All on four technique has helped many people with loose and uncomfortable dentures or failing teeth giving them the confidence of fixed, comfortable and natural looking smile.

Can All on Four help me?

  • All on four provided our dental practice can help the following people:
  • People with failing teeth caused by gum disease or failing teeth where the only other option is dentures
  • Patients  who wear upper and/or lower dentures
  • Those who cannot tolerate dentures
  • People who wish to avoid sinus lift and / or bone graft procedures
  • People who would like to improve their chewing ability with fixed teeth

How long does the treatment take?

At Confidental Clinic Clapham, there are several steps involved to giving to a comfortable and confident smile.

Stage 1 - Planning and preparation

Your implant dentist will assess and analyses a multitude of factors and variables to make sure your case is suitable for treatment with All on four. We often take a CT scan to accurately assess the available jaw bone. This allows for safe and effective long term results.  Measurements / records before the treatment will be taken prior to the surgery.

Stage 2 - Same day teeth and surgery

On the day itself a team of clinicians work to clear any infection and failing teeth. This is followed by placing four to five implants which are able to support a ten or twelve teeth which are produced by our master technician on the same day. The procedure can take 2-4 hours for one row, both sets top and bottom can be done in one visit. You have the option for treatment while you are awake with local anaesthetic, or fully sedated.

Stage 3 - Healing phase

For the next 8 -12 weeks you have the opportunity to test your new smile, which gives time for you to decide on any changes in the colour texture, sparkle and positioning of the teeth. This period also allows the implants to completely fuse to the bone in preparation for your final smile!

Stage 4 - Final bridge

Your final bridge is normally ready within 3 months of your initial treatment. Your final smile is made up of either carbon fibre or state of the art computer milled titanium skeleton with a choice of composite zirconia or acrylic teeth.

To see if the all on four technique is suitable for you contact our dental practice in Clapham Junction, Battersea and  book a free consultation today.

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