Tooth Extraction

At ConfiDental Clinic, Clapham Junction, we consider tooth extraction as a final option & encourage preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible, however, unfortunately, sometimes tooth extraction is unavoidable. Our Dental Surgeons are highly skilled at carrying out tooth extractions and aim to make your visit as relaxed and painless as possible. During the extraction, our dental surgeons will preserve as much bone as possible. This not only helps with post treatment pain and inflammation, it also aids with your external appearance in avoiding a ‘sunken look’ and can also preserve bone in case dental implant treatment is considered.

Some of the reasons we would advise an extraction is if:

  • The tooth has broken or decayed extensively and there is not sufficient tooth structure remaining for any restoration such as crown work
  • If root canal therapy is not advised due to future poor prognosis or if a root canal treatment has failed and re-root treatment has a poor prognosis
  • Impacted or recurrent infections of the wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last molars on each side of the jaw. If you have impacted wisdom teeth that are causing pain or impinging on surrounding teeth or are experiencing recurrent infections and need to have them extracted, then it may be advised that this procedure is carried out by an Oral Surgeon. The main reasons for this are the wisdom tooth/teeth may be buried deep under the soft tissues. There is also a nerve which runs very close to the roots of the lower wisdom teeth which if damaged, there is a small risk of permanent numbness. A radiograph is taken prior to treatment to assess the risks and advise if a referral to an Oral Surgeon is advised.

At ConfiDental Clinic, Clapham Junction, we are privileged to have Oral Surgeons who can treat surgical extractions.


A radiograph is taken prior to any tooth extraction so that the Dental Surgeon can assess the length and shape of the roots. For wisdom tooth extractions a large dental radiograph known as an OPG may be required.

All extractions are carried out under a local anaesthetic ensuring you are numb throughout the treatment. At ConfiDental Clinic, Clapham Junction, you also have the choice to have the tooth extraction under Intravenous Sedation if you are very nervous about the treatment. Dental Surgeons use instruments known as Periotomes & luxators to aid their gentle extraction techniques also taking care to preserve as much bone as possible. In some cases, especially surgical extractions, you may require stitches.

Your Dental Surgeon will advise you whether these are dissolvable or need to be removed and will arrange a follow up appointment usually around 7 to 10 days.

Options following tooth extraction are:

  • Accepting the gap
  • Partial / Full Denture
  • Dental Bridge Treatment
  • Dental Implant Treatment


Can I eat before the appointment?

Unless you are having an extraction under a general anaesthetic, you will be advised to eat normally before your appointment. At Confidental Clinic, Clapham Junction, our extractions are carried out under local anaesthetic and Intravenous Sedation if you choose to. Both of these methods are safe to eat prior to treatment, in fact we encourage patients to eat before their appointments as you will be numb for 2 to 3 hours following treatment. You will be advised not to eat or drink anything until the effects of the anaesthetic have worn off and then only sip water and have a soft diet for the next 24 hours.

What if I have symptoms following treatment?

At your appointment for you will be given a comprehensive written leaflet with advice following extraction and our contact details should you have any queries.

It is common to feel some pain or discomfort following a Tooth Extraction. These symptoms should subside over a couple of days and can be controlled with painkillers you would usually take for a headache. If however, you experience throbbing pain, swelling or bleeding in the area, your dentist must be notified. At ConfiDental Clinic, Clapham Junction, we are able to offer evening and weekend appointments so are on hand should you require advice or need to be seen. If our practice is closed, the contact details for our local Out of Hours Dental Services are detailed on our answer machine.

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